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Special Occasion Custom Designed Bottle Collar Greeting and Keepsakes
bottle toppers and collars   make your gift unique.  They are a greeting and keepsake gift ~ all in one. And are custom made to rest on the neck of nearly every type of bottle.
        Over-The-Top Bottle Toppers look fabulous on wine or champagne bottles.  Our Toppers look great on premium liquor, fine dipping oils,  balsamic vinegar, and the oh so many wonderful fine olive oils for all those who love to cook !
          Give an unforgettable Corporate Gift  that will be an extraordinary year end "Thank You" to your most exclusive clients.     
           Show a host or hostess your appreciation by bringing a Topper highlighting that special bottle of wine or olive oil you have selected.



Our Chef Topper designs are a keeper in kitchens for those special people in our lives who love to cook!

     Happy Birthday !      You're the Best!       Tony's Kitchen

Happy Hallowine !




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Lot's of fun styles and unique greetings from our custom  Over-The-Top Chef Topper line are available by
E-mail request by just CLICKING ON THIS LINK:


     The buzz from clients who ordered personalized Toppers is that they are the perfect gift with a personal touch for those important and special events in their lives. 
      We have designed Toppers that have been presented at engagement parties and rehearsal dinners for the 
"Bride to Be,"  "Groom to Be," "Best Man,"  "Maid of Honor,"  "Mother of the Bride," and "Father of the Bride,"    They can be presented individually or positioned on a table as an adornment and keepsake after your event.

    So, if you're looking for that Over-The-Top gift to give to friends, family, colleagues or clients for your special event or celebration, just send us an E-mail at:

   Make your gift Over-The-Top with a custom made bottle topper  perched atop a bottle of fine wine, olive or dipping oil, champagne or premium liquor.  
     For the chef, host or hostess in your life give a gift of fine olive oil with a keepsake Topper that makes a perfect and thoughtful "Thank You".


Designs for your favorite Team Rally
or Tailgate Party !

Thankful Hearts

Follow Your Heart !

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